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Euston Grove Press. These titles are out-of-print, meaning they no longer are for sale as new books. Copies might be available via secondhand sellers. At EustonGrovePress, when we take a title out-of-print, we normally make it available on open access, so please also look in our “Open Access” section.

Genetics: Sewall Wright Taught Me, volume 2 | EGP

Sewall Wright taught throughout his long career. Between 1926-1955, he worked at the University of Chicago. During this time, he developed and taught both undergraduate and graduate courses. By the early 1930s, Wright’s teaching load More…

Eoörnis pterovelox gobiensis (Eoornis) | EGP

Meet Eoörnis (Eoornis), the woofen-poof. As the author explains, ‘Through countless ages and successive civilizations this remarkable bird has been the symbol of speed, stamina, grace of line, proportion of members, and beauty of motion.’ More…

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