Professor Joe Cain supervises doctoral students via UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) for the MPhil-PhD programme. This page lists current students as well as those he has supervised in the past, together with links about them.

Applications for new students are welcome. Please discuss proposals well in advance of submitting an application. Professor Joe Cain’s supervisory range covers history of the life sciences and history of biology from Enlightenment to the present, science policy as it relates to life sciences, science communication and public engagement as it relates to life sciences. History of palaeontology, history of evolution, history of eugenics, and history of Darwinism are topics of special interest.

Current research students

PhD research students supervised by Professor Joe Cain.
Research student Cain's supervision About the student
Rebecca Martin 1st Martin
John van Laun 1st Van Laun
Paul Ranford 2nd Ranford
Alison Boyle 2nd Boyle
Joanne Nicholl 2nd Nicholl


Completed research students