Euston Grove Press - a small wonder in publishing

Euston Grove Press publishes titles in history of science, history of London, and Darwinism. Of special interest to us is the 1854 Crystal Palace (Sydenham). We publish facsimiles of visitor guides for Crystal Palace and Park and some of its specialised galleries, including the visitor guide for the famous Crystal Palace Dinosaurs (Owen 1854).

Guide to Crystal Palace and Park from 1871

The Crystal Palace Company published a Guide to Crystal Palace and Park nearly every year in the first few decades after opening their attraction in Sydenham. These guides described main attractions – especially new additions More…

Genetics: Sewall Wright Taught Me, volume 2 | EGP

Sewall Wright taught throughout his long career. Between 1926-1955, he worked at the University of Chicago. During this time, he developed and taught both undergraduate and graduate courses. By the early 1930s, Wright’s teaching load More…

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