Guide to Crystal Palace and Park from 1871

Crystal Palace and Park during the 19thC

The Crystal Palace Company published a Guide to Crystal Palace and Park nearly every year in the first few decades after opening their attraction in Sydenham. These guides described main attractions – especially new additions – and they generally served to assist visitors through their visit. The first general guide was published in 1854, together with a series of larger guides to specialised single attractions in the park, such as for the individual courts and the Geology and Inhabitants of the Ancient World (featuring the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs).

Some years ago, I published a facsimile of the 1856 Guide to Crystal Palace and Park as part of the series produced by Euston Grove Press. I later obtained an edition of the 1871 guide with similar intentions. However, the copy I obtained was too damaged to use for the purposes of a saleable facsimile. However, it has considerable historical value, so I provide it here free-to-view and download. 

This guide is dated for the 1871-72 season. The bibliographic reference is:

[Crystal Palace Company]. 1871. Crystal Palace. Guide to the Palace and Park. By Authority of the Directors (London: Robert K. Burt), 32pp. + endpapers consisting of The Crystal Palace Guide Advertiser 12pp. + cover consisting of 4 printed sides.

1871 Guide to Crystal Palace and Park

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