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Crystal Palace and Park during the 19thC

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Euston Grove Press. After the Great Exhibition in 1851, the famous Crystal Palace was dismantled, then moved to Sydenham. The glasshouse was expanded and set within a beautiful 200 acre, fountain-filled pleasure park. It re-opened in 1854. The Crystal Palace Company published a series of guides – official handbooks – describing the park’s themed courts, special features, and art and sculpture galleries. These helped visitors interpret key features. They also provided background information. The effect was to add an air of authenticity to the visitor’s experience.

George Baxter's famous print shows the Crystal Palace Park as conceived prior to its opening in 1854. This landscape for dinosaurs imagines a tour underway.

Euston Grove Press is working to reproduce all 15 of the guides published to support visitors in Crystal Palace and Park. Our “Crystal Palace Guides” offers facsimiles of the original handbooks.

For detailed information on the “Crystal Palace Guides” page.


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Guide to Crystal Palace and Park from 1871

The Crystal Palace Company published a Guide to Crystal Palace and Park nearly every year in the first few decades after opening their attraction in Sydenham. These guides described main attractions – especially new additions More…

Italian Court (Crystal Palace Guide 7) | EGP

Catalogue for the Italian Court, one of the great courts in the 1854 Crystal Palace at Sydenham. Detailed description of the exhibition’s sculpture, facades, and paintings. Wyatt and Waring give a synoptic history of the More…

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The Alhambra and Romanesque Court was fantastically popular with visitors to the Crystal Palace. Author Owen Jones is the author. Special features/contents Included as appendices in the 1854 guide: Pasqual De Gayangos. An Historical Notice More…