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978-1-906267-06-3. Jones. 1854. The Alhambra Court in the Crystal Palace

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The Alhambra and Romanesque Court was fantastically popular with visitors to the Crystal Palace.


Owen Jones is the author.

Special features/contents

Included as appendices in the 1854 guide:

  1. Pasqual De Gayangos. An Historical Notice of the Kings of Granada, From the Conquest of that City by the Arabs to the Expulsion of the Moors [Reprinted from M. Jules Goury. 1842. Plans, elevations, sections, and details of the Alhambra : from drawings taken on the spot in 1834 by the late M. Jules Goury and in 1834 and 1837 by Owen Jones. With a complete translation of the Arabic inscriptions and an historical notice of the Kings of Granada from the conquest of that city by the Arabs to the expulsion of the Moors, by Mr. Pasqual De Gayangos (London: Owen Jones)], pp. 91-117.
  2. Anonymous. The Flight from Granada [Reprinted from John Gibson Lockhardt. 1853. Ancient Spanish Ballads: Historical and Romantic, 4th edition (London: Murray)], pp. 118-119.
  3. [Directory of staff] Fine Art Department. Western Division, p. 120.


Jones, Owen. 1854. The Alhambra Court in the Crystal Palace (London: Euston Grove Press), 124 pages. 2008 facsimile edition of 1854 original edition.
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