BONUS Tribute to Dr William Fleming Maclehose (1967-2020) | WeAreSTS

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We pay tribute to our friend and colleague, Dr William Fleming Maclehose (1967-2020). Bill was a historian of medieval medicine and an important part of STS. He was an expert in theories of sleep and sleeping. Bill loved the history of medicine in all its forms and across all the world’s great cultures. 

This episode is an interview with Bill. Students in STS sometimes interview staff for projects in science communication. A few years ago, one of our master’s students, Deirdre Dinneen, did just that with Bill. After Deirdre heard of Bill’s death, she very kindly offered us this recording. We thought broadcasting it would be a small tribute to someone we miss.





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“WeAreSTS” is a production of the Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) at University College London (UCL).

Nuzhah Miah, a current STS undergraduate student, edited the interview and fine-tuned the audio.

Show editing and production by Professor Joe Cain.