First International Eugenics Congress 1912. Proceedings volume 1 (1912)

Legacies of Eugenics project

The First International Eugenics Congress was held at the University of London, July 24th to 30th, 1912, and was organised by the Eugenics Education Society. Major Leonard Darwin was the president of the society and chair of the organising committee. The Congress published its proceedings. Volume 1 published papers communicated at the Congress. Volume 2 was a record of proceedings, including notes on discussions. It also contained several papers not included in volume 1. Volume 2 also is available. The Congress also organised an exhibition, with a catalogue. Edgar Schuster published a review of the congress in Eugenics Review (1912, vol 4(3), pp. 223-256).

At present, there is no open access downloadable version of the conference volumes. We wanted to improve that situation. We also wanted a searchable edition of these proceedings so we can follow contributions of individuals more easily. To these ends, we’ve produced a rough-and-ready edition of the two volumes from this congress. These are meant to provide a working or reading edition of the documents. In the future, when better scans become available, we might withdraw these sources.

Report of Proceedings of the First International Eugenics Congress Held at the University of London, July 24th to 30th, 1912 - title page fragment

Volume 1 (complete)

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Contents of Volume 1

Problems in Eugenics | Papers communicated to the First International Eugenics Congress Held at the University of London, July 24th to 30th, 1912 | Published by The Eugenics Education Society, 6, York Building, Adelphi, WC | 1912.


Presidential Address, Major Leonard Darwin

Section 1 Biology and Eugenics

  • G. Sergi
  • Soren Hansen
  • V. Guiffrida-Ruggeri
  • Raymond Pearl
  • Enrico Morselli
  • Antonio Marro
  • R.C. Punnett

Section 2 Practical Eugenics

  • Louis Querton
  • C. B. Davenport
  • Frederic Houssay
  • Adolphe Pinard
  • Bleecker van Wagenen

Section 2a Education and Eugenics

  • Samuel G. Smith
  • F.C.S. Schiller

Section 3 Sociology and Eugenics

  • Achille Loria
  • Alfredo Niceforo
  • Lucien March
  • Vernon L. Kellogg
  • Roberto Michels
  • WCD and CD Whetham
  • Adam Woods
  • Corrado Gini
  • Frederick L. Hoffman

Section 4 Medicine and Eugenics

  • Dr Hallopeau
  • Alfred Mjöen
  • Dr Magnan and Dr Fillassier
  • Agnes Bluhm
  • HE Jordan
  • Valenti y Vivo
  • FW Mott
  • Raoul Dupuy