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In this episode, Dr Melanie Smallman and Dr Jean-Baptiste Gouyon discuss UCL’s new Master’s in Science Communication (MSc). They describe the philosophy behind the degree, some of its key modules, and how it is designed to balance practical skill development with foundational theory in communications. They also talk about how they plan to give this degree global relevance, careers thinking, and how activities in the degree will tie into other activities around UCL and around London.

Our discussion also identifies some key information for prospective applicants. If you think you might want to join us, this episode will give a smooth introduction to the new degree.

More information is available on the STS website:


In the interview, we discussed several examples of excellent science communication. These examples were:



Dr Melanie Smallman
Associate Professor in Science and Technology Studies
Melanie also appears on WeAreSTS episode #6.

Dr Jean-Baptiste Gouyon
Associate Professor in Science Communication
Jean-Baptiste also appears on WeAreSTS episode #2.


Professor Joe Cain
Professor of History and Philosophy of Biology

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