Podcast: WeAreSTS

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WeAreSTS is an official podcast of UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS), hosted by Professor Joe Cain, UCL Professor in History and Philosophy of Biology. WeAreSTS includes project work from STS students and staff, including projects from the STSNewsRoom.

Episodes Cover a Wide Range

Episodes explore research and teaching themes that are part of Science and Technology Studies (STS). Some episodes are interviews about active research projects. Other episodes support STS programmes in teaching or public engagement. We have career-focused episodes interviewing STS alumni about life after university: how did they make that transition into their working life, and what advice do they have for those thinking about studying with us? We also have episodes from the STSNewsRoom.

Done with Purpose

Our overall goal is to help teachers, applicants, and influencers answer questions about our subject:

  • What is STS?
  • What does learning in the subject involve?
  • What jobs and careers are there in STS?
  • What do people do with an STS degree?
  • Is this a good direction for me?

WeAreSTS is available for listening on Apple Podcast, SpotifySoundCloud and most other podcast listening apps. You also can find us on Libsyn. To dive deeper into individual episodes, visit the complete episode library.

Listen to WeAreSTS


Or, listen to individual episodes. Show notes for specific episodes are available on individual episode pages.

Contribute to WeAreSTS

We have five ways students can be involved with WeAreSTS. We also encourage freelance development from STS students and staff.

Students in areas of STS influence – such as Human Sciences, Natural Sciences, and BASc – are welcome to discuss involvement with WeAreSTS, but this is subject to our capacity. We do welcome freelance project submissions from students in our wider community.

Code of Practice

The views of our experts and guests in WeAreSTS are their own. UCL regards the right to debate and challenge ideas as fundamental to the nature of a university, and it is committed to ensuring that free and open discussion can take place in an atmosphere of tolerance as part of the UCL Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech.

Feedback Invited

Use SurveyMonkey to give us feedback. We welcome your thoughts.