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It’s one of those fundamental tenets taught to every student: science is international; it’s the same everywhere, it respects no borders; the work is the same no matter where or when you are. Assessing this idea is a core task in STS. Our philosophers, historians, and sociologists work overtime on case studies to explore internationality. Our policy and communication experts grapple with variations and work to understand where there is consensus and where there’s consensus.


In this episode, Beatrice Han (BSc Sociology and Politics of Science student) investigates science and internationality. As an international student, Beatrice is very familiar with borders and different systems in different places. She brings together three others in STS with similar experiences to talk about internationality and science: Dr Tiago Mata )Associate Professor in Science and Technology Studies), Isabel Lim (UCL Class of 2022), and Andrea Lekare (UCL Class of 2023 and another member of the STSNewsRoom2022). They each bring an international background when they talk about their experiences of scientific policies and knowledge in different countries. The conversation considers possible explanations for these differences. They also discuss whether its better to keep or eliminate outside factors. Is there value in preserving variety?

This is another contribution from the STSNewsRoom2022. Here in STS we want to give students work experience in science communication, so each summer we set up as many paid internships as we can, and we work with students to create content for publications, like our annual magazine, STS Alchemy. We also ask them to create a podcast episode. On any subject they choose. We want about 30 minutes. We want interviews. We want something STS. But most of all, we want ideas and creativity.


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  • Beatrice Han, UCL Class of 2023


  1. Dr Tiago Mata, Associate Professor in Science and Technology Studies
  2. Isabel Lim, UCL Class of 2022
  3. Andrea Lekare, UCL Class of 2023


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