#19 Decolonise and Decenter STS: Reflections and Expectations | WeAreSTS

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Scientific knowledge has evolved over the past few centuries in various political and socio-cultural contexts. There is seen to be a substantially disproportionate legacy of European thought in scientific education. How the fingerprints of colonialism continue to shape the way academic institutions function and teach science is a question of utmost value in the process of ensuring diversified knowledge sharing. While the subject of decolonising raises several questions on institutional privilege and power, it is worth noting that this is also a subject deeply personal and resonant amongst the respective members of a community.

In this episode of WeAreSTS, we explore the meaning “decolonisation” holds for members of the STS family at UCL. We speak with an undergraduate student, a PhD candidate, an early career lecturer, and one of the co-heads of department.

This episode of WeAreSTS was created by Roha Ali Khan, a Master’s student, as part of the STSNewsRoom2022.


Reporter and researcher


  1. Stephanie, Undergraduate Student, UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies
  2. Dr Benjamin Weil, (formerly a PhD Candidate, now completed), UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies
  3. Dr Michel Wahome, Lecturer in Science, Technology and Society, UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies
  4. Professor Emma Tobin, UCL Professor of Philosophy of Science and co-Head of Department (with Professor Jon Agar), UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


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