What Are Your Top Tips For Induction Week Starting University?

ProfJoeCain answers question from UCL Talking Heads: What are your top tips for Induction Week?

UCL Talking Heads ask me to answer some questions about student life and teaching at the university. In this film, I answer the question, “What are your top tips for induction week?” 

“Induction week” or “freshers’ week” is the first week of the academic teaching session each year at university. Normally near the end of September at UCL, induction week is a time for orientation and assimilation. First year students are introduced to their degrees, departments, and community. Student clubs and societies work to recruit new members. Lots of orientation activities are scheduled. Personal tutoring begins. Everyone works to find their way around the physical campus. It’s a week of stepping into the new year and the new configuration of the university. It’s a week for STS staff to start getting to know new students and to continue working with returning students as they move forward. Very exciting. Sometimes exhausting.

Full playlist of STS staff offering top tips is on YouTube.

What Are Your Top Tips For Induction Week?