George Gaylord Simpson’s “Night Thoughts on Leaving the American Museum,” 1959

George Gaylord Simpson (1902-1984) was a leader in twentieth century vertebrate palaeontology, and he contributed to making the American Museum of Natural History a powerhouse in the field. In 1959, Simpson left his job at Read More

Dissertations and Research Projects (Undergraduates) (Teaching)

Undergraduates in UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) undertake final year projects resulting in dissertations or research reports. Professor Joe Cain supervises some students in this work, as do all academic staff in Read More

Dinner in the Iguanodon, December 31, 1853 (Crystal Palace Dinosaurs)

This article, titled “Dinner in the Iguanodon,” first appeared on the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs History Blog in July 2013. Dinner in the Iguanodon The “Dinner in the Iguanodon Model” is the best known story about Crystal Read More

George Baxter’s Famous Print of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs Re-examined

This post on George Baxter was first published 13 August 2014 for Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs. It is re-published here with amendments. Baxter Print Re-examined The famous ‘Baxter’ print of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs is Read More