HPSC0081 Science in the Nineteenth Century (Teaching)

The nineteenth century saw the origin of much of what we might identify as “modern” scientific and technological research and practice. Laboratories, factories explorations, empires – all had scientific significance and all were paramount in Read More

Dissertations and Research Projects (Master’s)

Postgraduate taught students in UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) undertake summer research projects resulting in dissertations or research reports. Professor Joe Cain supervises some students in this work, as do all academic Read More

Maps of Euston Grove through Wallis’s Guide for Strangers through London (1813-1841)

Wallis’s Guide for Strangers through London was an essential tool for visitors to London. Successive editions (1813, 1821, 1826, 1841) allow the historian to trace the growth of many parts of the city, including the area Read More

Brocks Illuminations Celebrated Crystal Palace Dinosaurs and More

This article on Brocks Illuminations at Crystal Palace in 1906 first appeared on the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs History Blog in July 2013. Brocks ‘Illuminations’ celebrated Crystal Palace Dinosaurs and More Close study of Read More

Dinner in the Iguanodon, December 31, 1853 (Crystal Palace Dinosaurs)

This article, titled “Dinner in the Iguanodon,” first appeared on the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs History Blog in July 2013. Dinner in the Iguanodon The “Dinner in the Iguanodon Model” is the best known story about Crystal Read More

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