Locomotion of Animals Exhibit in Horniman Museum

Locomotion in Animals exhibit in Natural History Gallery in Horniman Museum

The Locomotion of Animals exhibit occupies cases 11-29 in the Natural History Gallery of Horniman Museum. This post presents a photo gallery.

The museum published a visitor’s handbook to accompany Locomotion of Animals. It had two editions, both written by Henry Neal Milligan FZS (1882–1967):

  1. Milligan, Henry Neal (1912) A handbook to the cases illustrating animal locomotion. With one plate (London, London County Council), Horniman Museum and Library Publications 11.
  2. Milligan, Henry Neal (1923) A handbook to the cases illustrating adaptations for locomotion in animals. With one plate.Second edition (London, London County Council).

Cases associated with Locomotion of Animals cluster on the west side of the Natural History Gallery ground floor. They use a yellow-green colour palate.


Exhibit cases in Locomotion of Animals

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Floor Plan of Locomotion of Animals

Locomotion of Animals exhibit floor plan. Natural History Gallery, Horniman Museum, London. ProfJoeCain 2022

A case list is available on Natural History Gallery.