George Gaylord Simpson (1902-1984) bibliography

George Gaylord Simpson in Paris 1947. APS Library

The American vertebrate paleontologist George Gaylord Simpson (1902–1984) published more than 700 original items. A general sense of Simpson’s career is provided by his autobiography (Simpson, 1978). Authoritative secondary sources include Laporte (2000) and Whittington (1986).

Whittington (1986) was accompanied by a microfiche card containing a 36-page list of more than 760 individual citations for Simpson’s bibliography. This list ultimately derived from Simpson’s own records. It is a composite of no fewer than four separate, uncorrected documents distributed by Simpson during his lifetime. Cain (2004) identified missing items from that list.

The splendid digital resources of The Royal Society journals provide open access to Whittington (1986) but omits Simpson’s bibliography as supplemental material. Below is Simpson’s bibliography as it appears on that microfiche. The pdf shows my notations throughout. Apologies that in some places it is hard to read.

This is provided for research purposes only and will be withdrawn should the digital resource be rectified.


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