Professor Joe Cain publishes research in academic journals and books, among other outlets. These posts summarise book-level publication for which  Professor Joe Cain is listed as an author. Those where he functions as an editor are listed separately.

“Open access” publishing offers materials free at the point of download. As far as possible, links to open access repositories are provided.

Brown Dog Statue in Battersea Park

Protests were sure to follow the unveiling of the brown dog statue in Battersea, London, in 1906 in Latchmere Recreation Ground. The little terrier had become the focus of an anti-vivisection campaign directed against Professor William Bayliss More…

No Ordinary Space: UCL Grant Museum

UCL’s Grant Museum of Zoology moved to the Thomas Lewis Room in UCL’s Rockefeller Building in 2011. No Ordinary Space is a book designed to answer popular historical questions about the room, the building, and More…