Galton and Schuster (1906) Noteworthy Families

Francis Galton and Edgar Schuster. 1906. Noteworthy Families: An Index to Kinships in Near Degrees Between Persons Whose Achievements are Honourable, and Have Been Publicly Recorded (London: John Murray). Identified as “Volume 1 of the More…

Pearson (1927) The Right of the Unborn Child

Eugenics Laboratory Lectures number 14: Pearson, Karl. 1927. The Right of the Unborn Child; Being a Lecture Delivered on November 13, 1926 to Teaching from the London County Council Schools (London: Cambridge University Press). 26 More…

Veale (1965) Intestinal Polyposis

Eugenics Laboratory Memoirs 40: Veale, Arthur Milton Oliver. 1965. Intestinal Polyposis (London: Published for the Galton Laboratory, University College London, by the Cambridge University Press). 104 pp. Eugenics Laboratory Memoirs 40

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