Euston Grove Press is a small independent publisher of books and other materials. I work a lot with them to produce reprints and facsimiles of materials I think are important to the historical topics I work on. These tend to supplement historical writing I produce in other venues. 


The largest project I’ve work with Euston Grove Press on has been production of high-quality facsimiles for the Crystal Palace Company’s guidebooks to Crystal Palace and Park. The 1856 edition of Samuel Philip’s general guide is quite popular.


My favourite is Richard Owen’s 1854 guide, Geology and Inhabitants of the Ancient World (Crystal Palace Guide 15) as it relates to the famous Crystal Palace Dinosaurs.

Genetics: Sewall Wright Taught Me, volume 2

These lecture notes derive from Wright’s taught course at University of Chicago,  Fundamental Genetics (Zoology 310), which he presented in January-March 1952. This volume is x+62 pages, 8.5″ x 11″. Genetics: Sewall Wright Taught Me, volume More…

Last Message of William Jennings Bryan

As the Scopes ‘Monkey’ Trial came to an end in July 1925, William Jennings Bryan expected to deliver the prosecution’s closing argument. Procedural tactics by the defence prevented this. The trial ended without the long-awaited More…

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