Synthesis Period

Evolution: Sewall Wright Taught Me, volume 1

These lecture notes derive from Wright’s taught course at University of Chicago, Evolution (Zoology 313), which he presented in June-August 1951. In addition to lecture notes, this volume includes three population genetics exercises, Sloan’s research More…

Building Context for the Evolutionary Synthesis

The synthesis period in evolutionary studies (most people call this the “evolutionary synthesis”) of the 1930s and 1940 has had a standard narrative for many years, but pressure has increasing for a revision. Descended from Darwin: More…


Corruption Exposed in Body-Snatching Business, 1825

by ProfJoeCain in Blog

In Britain, body-snatching was a cloak-and-dagger business. It also was corrupt. When her husband was arrested, tried, and executed for crimes associated with body-snatching, Ann Millard sought revenge. To her mind, local officials were complicit More...

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