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Chances are you’ve had something to do with “mindfulness” recently. Maybe you’ve been sent to “mindfulness” training. Or, perhaps you’ve been listening to a mindfulness podcast. Or, perhaps you’re using a “mindfulness” app, such as HeadSpace.

In this episode, Franziska Link investigates the growing use of mindfulness therapies at universities, such as UCL, in their provision for student support and welfare. What good are they? What do they involve? What are the pros – and the cons – of this approach. Franziska interviews four people with quite different relationships to mindfulness therapies. She works to separate the hype from the research.

This episode is part of the STSNewsRoom 2021. Franziska also contributed to STSAlchemy2021.

Additional sources on mindfulness

UCL Hospital NHS has mindfulness advice

For UCL staff:


Interviewer and researcher


  1. Bodhilila Young, Chair of the West London Buddist Centre
  2. Professor Andrew Steptoe, Professor of Psychology and Head of the Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health
  3. Professor Miguel Farias, Associate Professor Experimental Psychology, Coventry University
  4. David “Davy” Tennison, doctoral student, UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS)


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